Rates & Services

Standard Rates:
30 Minutes= $35.00                                  45 Minutes= $50.00
60 Minutes= $65.00                                  75 Minutes= $75.00
90 Minutes= $90.00                                  120 Minutes= $130.00


*Standard rates do not include taxes or gratuity*
*The WORK accepts all major credit cards via PayPal, cash or personal check 

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage employs a higher level of pressure than used in relaxation massage. We will attempt to find your optimum pressure level and use deep gliding, compression and vibration to coax the affected tissue into relaxed compliance. This is a more specific type of massage than the relaxation technique. We utilize your pre-session interview to pinpoint problem areas and use our knowledge of the interconnectedness of the muscle groups to address the whole problem. This type of massage is most successful when coupled with our Hardcore Ice Routine!

Trigger Point Therapy:

Trigger point therapy is a massage technique supported by a variety of theories. Massage Essential follows the theory that nodules (knots) form in the soft tissues of the body and cause pain. These nodules can be caused by overuse, trauma, repetitive use injuries, nutritional deficiencies and poor posture among many things. These nodules consist of hyper-irritable contraction knots we call trigger points. Some nodules can cause local pain, while others can cause referral (the traveling of sensations to different sections ot the body) and almost all nodules cause local muscle twitches which intensify when the trigger point is being addressed by the therapist. The therapist employs gliding strokes to warm and loosen the affected areas and then uses static pressure to release the nodules. This is the point where the optimum pressure level discussed by the therapist and client comes into play. I usually say it should be just on the safe side of the client having urges to punch the therapist in the shin. This is extreme but is also pretty acurate. Optimum pressure is as heavy pressure as can be applied without venturing into the realm of too intense pain. The general response to the application of static optimum pressure to a nodule or trigger point is tenderness with referral and, as the tissue loosens and changes, the sensations alter and tenderness decreases.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is a technique used largely after intense or acute bouts of physical activity. A good example of a perfect candidate for sports massage would be a marathon runner, distance runner, regular weight lifter or a serious athlete. Intense physical activity can cause damage to the muscles-damage that is required in order to build muscle and endurance. Sports massage is most effective either immediately after intense activity or within 24-48 hours following the activity. The therapist utilizes brisk, jostling strokes to loosen the muscles and promote healing blood and lymph flow. Pressure level is usually gentle to medium. This type of activity and massage requires utilization of M.E.’s Hardcore Ice Routine.

Pre and Post Natal Massage:


Prenatal and postnatal massage is a variation on the relaxation massage. The therapist caters the session to the needs of the expentant or recent mother. Prenatal massage is exceptional in supporting the flow of blood and lymph in the expectant mother. It relaxes the body and mind and promotes healthy and healing functions in the body. Postnatal massage is excellent for assisting the body in regaining its previous structure and posture. In any case, where ever you are in your parenthood–Dads too!–, you will most likely need a day or even an hour off. Come in to Massage Essential for a short break.