the Work

Welcome to The WORK


The WORK is a small therapeutic massage clinic located in the Washington Park neighborhood on Gaylord St. I specialize in the relief of chronic and acute pain and dysfunction.

My primary goal is to facilitate change in the soft tissues of the body to support and promote balance in the structure. I customize my treatments to each client’s individual needs and encourage full and earnest communication during the sessions.

There is not a concise description for what I do. I do what I do. It is often quite difficult to affect and facilitate these changes. At times it can be unpleasant. The WORK, however, is always rewarding. I aim to collaborate with people of all ages who are prepared to do the WORK to affect change in their bodies. We focus on reconnecting the conscious mind with the body, breaking down destructive habits in the tissues and re-establishing new, positive, effective and optimal structural functions.

I will review your goals and symptoms with you and TOGETHER we will come up with a plan of action! At The WORK you are in the very best of good hands.

Honoring your commitment to your best self.