Limited Availability remaining for The Valentine’s Day Couples’ Workshop!

Come and experience something unusual and useful this Valentine’s Day!

Sure you could drop some money on a dinner (which will be poo in 4 hours) or you can learn skills to help your partner and benefit your quality of life and quality of relationship.

My Workshop will teach the following skills:

BODY MECHANICS!! -Tired of pooping out after 5 minutes of giving a massage? We teach you how to manage for as long as your partner needs. Useful body mechanics for life, love and amateur massage.

FIND YOUR PARTNER’S KEY AREAS! – Working only with symptoms will only bandaid the problem. Let me show you the trade secrets and hidden spots!

*Let’s make love a choice and an act this year. Show your devotion with TLC and time.

Appointments available Valentine’s Day and the following dates.

2/11, 2/12, 2/13

Limited number of slots available. Click —-> HERE to purchase your 2 hour workshop session.

Jennifer Swift

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